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Canan Dağdelen (AL 80) Sergi Haberleri

I am happy to inform you about some ongoing exhibitions of the last months:

- Istanbul Modern  / Past and Present /  collection exhibition
  You can see the show, so my work ”AT covalent bonded HOME dot” also during the 13. Istanbul Biennial in September-  November 2013. http://www.istanbulmodern.org/en/exhibitions/current-exhibitions/past-and-future_1119.html 
- Ossiach Abbey / SAMPLING / Concert of the sculptures
   In the garden area of the Ossiach Abbey, I took part with the installation "Libellulidae I" which refers to the sea and to the  wonderful nature of the region. http://www.skulpturenpark-stiftossiach.at/

 - In Galeri MANA / Istanbul are two works of mine presented. http://galerimana.com/

- Finally my website is updated. Please give a look... http://www.canandagdelen.com/

Upcoming news:
Canan Dagdelen
selâm_MEKÂN  selâm_SPACE

Opening: 22 September - 23. September- 23. October 2013 in Katara, Doha / Qatar

Canan Dağdelen (AL 80)

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